Zooey deschanel is dating dating edicate

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Zooey deschanel is dating

Ellen responded, "Because you're a celebrity, you're allowed.

The married pair will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in June.Congratulations, Zooey and Jacob, on the new adorable little addition to your wolf pack.set last December, the actress never publicly confirmed that she was expecting baby number two.Since the couple loves animals so much, and likes the idea of naming kids after animals that have attributes they hope their kids will embody, their son's name makes a lot of sense. Zooey Deschanel and Jacon Pechenik have named their son Charlie Wolf Pechenik. According to Baby Center.com, Charlie is the 80th most popular name for babies in 2017.The name Charlie apparently means "free," so I guess that means Zooey Deschanel's son's name means "free wolf."Honestly, that's a pretty badass name.

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Clearly, Zooey and Jacob have a love of using animals as the middle names for their adorable tots — which is pretty fun, if you ask us!

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