Who is michael baisden dating

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Who is michael baisden dating

Has it become harder to talk about politics with your interracial family members?

Are coworkers more brazen about their views on immigration?

Burkholder breaks down the gray area between Atheism and the super religious.

Burkholder also shares how difficult it is for people to "come out" as non-religious, especially in communities of color. …Two topics we try to stay away from - politics and religion - but today Michael breaks the rule and ask, ‘Why do a growing number of people stop believing in God or Gods?

Are men and women ready for the work or just the wedding? Michael asked callers to call in and express why they love being single. It’s something we’ve all discussed but is there a misconception about who a Nice Guy is?

No offense to my happily married folks out there but this is for my single folks today! Are you dating someone who doesn’t value your time? Michael says it’s the nice boring guys that finish last. It’s something we’ve all discussed but is there a misconception about who a Nice Guy is?

Michael asks his listeners about their willingness to date younger or older. Things get deep when Michael asked "Is your partner your ally or your weakest link?This time we’re talking about the documentary ‘What The Health,’ intermittent fasting and veganism.Michael asked the family what changes they’ve made to turn dieting into a lifestyle. Listen in on this uplifting and information podcast about he ...…Michael sits down with activist Diane Burkholder to discuss her religious upbringing and spirituality.Finally Michael asks: how are our children being impacted?The show gets uncomfortable but it also got educational.

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Michael poses this question to his male and female listeners.