Who is debbie harry dating hans 48 dating holland

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Who is debbie harry dating

The band split in 1982 but Harry remained with her partner Stein, nursing him back to health when he contracted rare autoimmune disease pemphigus.

The couple split in 1989 because Stein wanted to settle down and have children while Harry preferred the life of a rock star.

We want to put on a unified piece.’ And bands were awful to each other at that time.” Though Blondie grew out of the New York punk scene in the mid-1970s, they had an unashamedly pop slant, with their genre-bending music taking in elements of everything that was popular in clubs at the time, from rap to reggae to disco. We were always trying for that play on words, for the double entendre.” Harry has always identified herself as a feminist, and there is a quiet strength in the way she presents herself, a sense that here is a woman very much in control.

Before she was famous, she was on her way home from a club one rainy night in New York.

Honey, she knows how to create a buzz – even at 71.

The One Way Or Another star once said that her style was cobbled together from films and comic books with references to the English punk movement.

“They treated us in a way that was very generous and smart.

They said, 'We want the show to be great – for all of us. It was about a sophisticated sort of put-down, antisocial but witty.

They remained friends and Blondie reformed in 1997 and will release a new album Pollinator next month.

In 1980, during a tour with Blondie, Debbie Harry hosted a tea party at a London hotel, gathering together many of the women prominent in music at the time.

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The artist created an acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas portrait of the star, depicting her with pink hair and cherry red lips.