Were drew barrymore justin long dating during going distance

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There were two more trips to rehab before she moved in with musician David Crosby, himself a survivor of drug and alcohol abuse, and his wife, who helped her straighten her life out.Drew’s father, John Barrymore Jr, split from her mother, model Jaid, soon after Drew was born, and died in 2004 after years of homelessness and drug addiction. “I liked when my dad would walk around in bare feet, stoned, and talk about how the blades of grass felt on his feet, and how he could tell which ones were hurting and didn’t want to be stepped on, and I thought, 'Wow that’s my dad; he’s really trippy and cool,’ ” she recalls.She pauses and then laughs: “Not a very wholesome movie moment, but that’s what my dad was.” It was her family connections that won Barrymore her first big break when her godfather, Steven Spielberg, cast her as the dimpled, precocious seven-year-old in E. But things turned sour when her mother, an inveterate partygoer, began taking her on a round of all-night parties.But she turned her life around and during the past decade has matured into a multi-talented actress, producer and, more recently, director, who has shaken off the shadow of her family name to establish herself as a major force in her own right in Hollywood.“Being a Barrymore didn’t help me, other than giving me a great sense of pride and a strange spiritual sense that I felt OK about having the passion to act,” she says.

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