Wechat fuck online with camera

Posted by / 27-May-2017 04:13

Wechat fuck online with camera

The next time you give your child a smartphone, make sure to monitor their online activities very closely – disturbing reports of pedophiles using popular mobile apps to groom children for future exploitation is slowly on the rise. AGE journalist went undercover and met a pedophile who were caught on video admitting he had sexual relationships with children as young as 13 years old.

Half a year before the shocking news that British pedophile Robert Huckle got international attention, the undercover journalists have begun their investigation on these sex predators.

Such actions are illegal in countries such as the US, but not in Malaysia.

Once they start earning the trust of these children, they will gradually introduce sex into their conversations.

Another pedophile, who claimed that he is an ‘expert’ in messaging, admitted that he had already manage to have sexual relationships with at least 2 child under 15.

He later used the same pictures to threaten and persuade his victims to have sex with him.

His allegation would be that having sex with him would be the only cure for his victims’ problems.

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