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Virtual live sax chatbots with pics

Definition: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the study of how to create a computer that can "think" like a human being. Objectives for the application: Attract, Engage, Motivate, Activate and Satisfy The concept as such consists of a combination of the chatbot and the painting it relates to.

This concept can be applied to various different cases: different pieces of arts and different chatbot characters.

Through Sanelma, the viewer is therefore able to “meet” a whole array of different people that made up the crowd of the 30’s in Finland.

The viewer can immerse herself in the actual life of the epoch depicted by the piece of art.

The Case of Sanelma Sanelma is currently designed and its character is developed in a way to engage the target audience of the Finnish museums (especially for the Images of Urban Finland exhibition).

This is why Sanelma is a 26-year old woman from the Helsinki of the 30´s.

The target audience are the visitors of the exhibition, mainly middle aged, well educated women.

Defining the target group is based on the user study done by Finnish National Gallery.

Sanelma's GUI includes picture data bank, from where it chooses appropriate mood/situation picture if user's input matches to the certain keywords. Runs as an application in the computer's Java Virtual Machine (JVM) thereby needs Java Runtime Environment (JRE).Other groups, for example schoolchildren, are nevertheless also taken into account, especially when defining keywords for the chatbot.Educational Objectives – Content Through the conversations with Sanelma, the user can understand artist Sulho Sipilä’ s main motifs and themes for his paintings, namely, the urban milieu of Helsinki.Application has a graphical user interface (Swing).Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application Sanelma is an educational communication environment and it utilizes vocabulary, which is based on prepared key/value pairs.

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