Vba screenupdating word best books for dating women

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Vba screenupdating word

I don't want to check the whole sheet with this I already have another sub that does this. Once you have a one-dimensional array, you can iterate and modify it in-memory: And with one single read and one single write from the worksheet, and the iteration and actual work being done in-memory at lightning speed (as opposed to one cell at a time with Excel repainting itself every time, if not recalculating the whole worksheet too), there shouldn't even be a need to switch off Thank you for the thoroughness of your response.

I want to make sure that this is the most efficient way to go about it. I have implemented most of your suggestions and as stated it works almost instantly even for 65k rows. What is the purpose or best practice for Code should be written to be read, not just executed.

Add Comment text:="" End If 'type to add comment text to selected shape cmt. Their name may also appear in the Status Bar, when you hover over the cell that contains a comment.

The following macro will replace the old name with a new name.

The issue I have is that the document appears on the screen, closes and appears again, which can cause confusion for the user.

To resolve this I would like to hide the first document opening, so that the user only sees one document open. Screen Updating = false but the first document still does appear to visibly open. Visible = false but realised that if the application is already open this will confuse the user.

NOTE: This creates new comments, without the original formatting.

If you need to copy comment pictures, or other formatting, use the macro in the next section - Replace Names With Pictures Sub Change Comment Name() 'replaces old names in comments 'deletes and reinserts comments ' so new name appears in status bar ' ws As Worksheet Dim cmt As Comment Dim str Old As String Dim str New As String Dim str Comment As String str New = "New Name" str Old = "Old Name" Application. Add Comment text:=str Comment Next cmt Next ws End Sub This macro is similar to the one above -- it replaces the old names attached to cell comments.

Option Explicit Public Sub Remove Null() With This Workbook. Display Comment Indicator = xl Comment And Indicator Application. Screen Updating = False Set ws = Active Sheet Set ws Temp = Sheets. Screen Updating = False count = 0 r = Active c = Active Cell. Clear End If 'This section is for trouble shooting 'If count = 1000 Then ' Range(c & x). Screen Updating = True Msg Box "Finished" Range(c & r).Column c = Get Letter From Number(c) For x = 1 To Range(c & Rows.count). Select End Sub This works just fine and is designed to only check one column. Description Stop ' we don't know what happened; break here and debug Resume Clean Exit End Sub There are plenty of Stack Overflow Q&A's about the best ways of turning that 2D array into a 1D array, I'll leave that bit of research up to you.

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User Name = str New For Each ws In Active Workbook. Comments str Comment = Replace(cmt.text, str Old, str New) cmt. However, this macro also copies the old comment formatting.

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