Validating phone number php

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Validating phone number php

Hello I think this is not clear:"the matches will be stored in the elements of the array regs.

$regs[1] will contain the substring which starts at the first left parenthesis; $regs[2] will contain the substring starting at the second, and so on.

We've used the expression put forward by tomas and jaik,but we found that it fails on Coventry (CV) postcodes.

Here is an alternative that works for these postcodes andalso adds support for the Overseas Territories like Tristan da Cunha.

To validate a phone number with a regular expression (regex), we will use type and pattern attribute in HTML input field.Instead I found this expression from modified it for a bit.^[ -]? [0-9] $/*3.55 true-3.55 true 3.55 true2456.90 true34skd false23.false2dt6 false*/Note: mine doesn't have the exponent part; for matching number with exponents, visit the site above :) While this is relatively simple example, I was unable find a clean method of doing this anywhere else, so I thought I would post it here.) callback append your preferred JSONP callback function name.(See "JSONP Callbacks" section) If your query fails, the numverify API will return a 3-digit error-code, an internal error type and a plain text "info" object containing suggestions for the user.

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Knowing the line type of a given phone number makes it easy to decide optimally whether to send voice or text communications and ensures full compliance with the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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