Updating nohost the hostname specified does not exist

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You can create multiple users and assign host names for each user.

Any failed update attempt is fatal which means that all further updates will also fail until the user has taken some sort of corrective action.Return codes indicating a failure with the account or the system are given only once.There is only one return code which indicates a successful update.After you submit an update using our update protocol the following status code(s) will be returned. The client must interpret the status codes and act accordingly, providing the end user with some useful information. The client should only schedule future updates when it receives a "Success" return code.If updating more than one host or group, multiple status codes will be returned separated by a new line in the same order they were submitted. Either for not following our update specifications or disabled due to violation of the No-IP terms of service. Any "Error" return codes will require user intervention to correct the problem with their configuration.

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The most common errors are bad user input, such as misspellings and incorrect passwords.

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