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From the time when Triumph started producing machines with their own engines for 1905 the engine would be date stamped with the date of machine assembly.

You'll not find these codes by reading on, for I have still not worked out all months for all years.

So often an earlier frame or gearbox number might appear with a later numbered engine; and occasionally a very early number could appear with a much later engine, simply because it had languished down the far end of the stores.

Triumph identification of the assembly sequence of each model came from the engine number, for this was stamped on completion of the assembly.

I'm pretty sure of the letters which I am missing, but like my 'Facts' series of booklets I want to be 100% SURE before I release the code information.

(Someone who shall remain nameless has used the dating information I had given him over the years on his multitude of engines and published on his Web page, but he has misinterpreted and added some incorrect monthly letters.) With my breaking of the codes I am able to approximate with reasonable accuracy how many of each model were assembled during each month, in an effort to replace the lost records of The Triumph Cycle Company Limited.

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