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Stefano male 34 dating

The first and last semicircular steps were 62 and 147.34 metres long respectively.The steps were carved out of the rock and, in places where there was none, they were built in masonry.The Theatre in Taormina is the second-largest in Sicily after the one in Siracusa.All the Romans did later, in accordance with their well-known ostentatious nature, was enlarge the theatre as it was very small. It is fifty metres wide, one hundred and twenty metres long and twenty metres high, which means that about 100,000 cubic metres of stone had to be removed.This statue base was found in 1770 while extension work was being carried out in the "S.

On the front of this base an inscription reads "The Tauromenitani (the Taormina people) dedicate this statue to Olympio, winner of the horse race in the games at Olympia", evidence that Taormina had a winner at the Oiympic Games.Taormina has been a very popular destination with tourists since the 19th century.It has beautiful beaches (accessible via a Funicular) by the Ionian sea, which is remarkably warm and has a high salt content.Another statue base in Taormina marble, according to the inscription on it, was dedicated to Caius Claudius Marcellus, Propraetor of Sicily in the year 77 B. A 1.75 metre pillar in Taormina marble, discovered in 1864, is called the "Tavola degli Strateghi" (Table of the Strategists), a slab engraved with the names of the strategists, who were not soldiers but those in charge of administering justice in Taormina.Another pillar is the "Tavola dei Ginnasiarchi" (Table of the Gymnasiarchs), magistrates in charge of the Gymnasium where the young men were educated psychologically and physically.

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