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From what I can gather, Bauman's girlfriend may have been running in the race as part of 'Team Stork', and she may have been a student nurse at the aforementioned hospital.Alternatively, she and Bauman may simply have been friends with Team Stork runners.

As noted, many 'actors' theorists have claimed that this blood is "too red" to be real, despite the fact that there are at least two shades of red blood on the ground.

The idea is that, not only was the attack fake in the sense that government, not 'Muslim terrorists' or 'homegrown terrorists', were responsible, but that the apparent victims were fake also, their roles, where necessary, being portrayed by 'actors', presumably working for the government.

The claim that 'crisis actors' were used in place of real victims has been made about the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings, the more recent Boston marathon bombings and even the May 22nd knife attack on a British soldier in London.

Despite my efforts, (not that I ever expect them to make much difference) the 'terror attack actors' idea continued to gain pace and made a serious reappearance at the Boston Marathon bombings.

The main 'evidence' for 'actors' at the Boston marathon bombings centered around one of the victims, Jeff Bauman.

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Maybe Jeff was a 'deep cover' intelligence operative with no public before the bombings and all of the google images of him (many with legs I would add) that appear to go back several years were planted on google in the run up to his prime time exposure in Boston?

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