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Any other external fees (transfer / settlement costs for example) will be charged and specified separately.

• On all other options will be invoiced on a per contract basis.

• The amount corresponding to the price of the Flat Fee Trades must be present in the client's account. will debit his/her account by the sum corresponding to the selected Flat Fee Trades. The Flat Fee Trades purchased will not be redeemed, exchanged or converted into cash.

Please consult this page before each transaction or service request.

Any other external fees (exchange fees for example) will be charged and specified separately.

*Funds may be subject to applicable Front - & Backload Fees regulated by the fund companies.

broker's fees) shall be added to the price of the trade.

• Securities that cannot be traded electronically (with the exception of Tier A and Tier A funds) are subject to special fees, as are off-exchange transactions.

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For applicable Front- & Backload Fees please refer to the fund prospectus issued by the respective fund company Please contact Swissquote's Customer Care Center, should a fund not be available on Swissquote's Fund Platform.