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Sedating pets for travel

Should you have any more pet transport questions or if you think you'd like some assistance carrying out your move, feel free to contact us.Thanks for your question and good luck with your pet travels!My cat stresses in his carrier just 5 mins in the car, he pants like mad and howls and sometimes messes in the crate.I will be leaving in July and will try and crate train them but I'm terrified that they will be so stressed on the flight.Above all, the best thing you can do to ease your cat's anxiety is to make sure that he is properly crate-trained.The more comfortable your cat is with his crate, the less anxious he will be during travel, and the less likely that he will show aggression at the airport.You should contact the Consulate or Embassy in that country to find out their regulations.Talk to your veterinarian about the risks of disease to your pet and have your pet vaccinated appropriately based on the risks. Talk to your veterinarian about flea, tick and heartworm prevention as well as specific risks associated with camping outdoors. Keep your pet on a leash and in your sight; and be considerate of other campers. Being outside, your pet can be exposed to many different wild animals like skunks, raccoons, snakes and other animals that can injure your pet or expose them to disease.

What should I think about when deciding to travel with my pet? Forms of travel Other resources Many states require an up-to-date Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from a licensed, accredited veterinarian when traveling.View our video about travel certificates for pets and livestock.Yes, but keep in mind that you have to follow both the United States regulations as well as the regulations in the other country to which you are traveling.You can also place a T-shirt or something that smells like you in the crate, and many people also try natural/herbal remedies.Feel free to discuss with your vet, but remember that actual sedation is not a good idea. Reply I have just booked my 2 year old retriever dog and 9 year old cat on the plane from the canary islands to the UK, Both are very nervous, my dog hates noise or people moving things.

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