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Rusian dating site

A unique series to say the least, if you're not put off by the drool then Nazo no Kanojo X is a very interesting, if unusual, watch.Hideki "Rusian" Nishimura doesn't trust girls in online games. Not after the girl he liked crushed him by rejecting his marriage proposal and telling him she was an older dude.After that, the two entered a bizarre, drool-fueled relationship that, although unusual, seems to be going fairly well.One of the stranger romances we've come across, Nazo no Kanojo X's focus around drool is a fairly specific fetish, but none the less a pretty interesting story element to play around with.Sleeping in class, being generally anti-social, and carrying around a pair of scissors that she wields with a surprising degree of skill, Urabe's nature is quite a mysterious one.But how the two got together is the weirdest part: Akira tasted Urabe's drool while she was sleeping!

But everyone has their own problems, and he's about to find out one of Subaru Konoe's.

If you've heard of Yosuga no Sora it's probably for one of two reasons: either the borderline hentai levels of ecchi or the incest.

Frankly, though, if you can get over the incest part, then the ecchi is great, and the character interactions and story are pretty interesting to watch.

It's actually quite nice that the decision gets made because it means we can take the show's romance, as well as the series as a whole, a bit more seriously.

Don't worry, though, there's still plenty of fan service too, as well as a dash of ecchi to top it off.

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Only Ikki is not the lowly F-rank student that he would have us believe.

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