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‘Decoration of the chairs ranges from simple notches to elaborate patterns of triangles, rectangles, diamonds and extraordinary carvings of animals like the crocodile.Carvers still produce chairs and stools in the traditional forms.,1997, that ‘The early West African kingdoms – Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Bambara – all enclosed one territory in their sphere of power which is referred to as the Inland Niger Delta.’ Like the Nile in Upper and Lower Egypt, the Rivers Niger and Bani flooded the lowlands of the delta for roughly half the year.

The time span corresponds to that of the great empires of the Sahel, in which cavalry played an important part.

They can be dated – roughly, by scientific methods- from the 11 The arts of personal adornment in Africa include body and face painting and scarification, coiffure, clothing, and jewelry.

Enormous amounts of time and energy are devoted to the acquisition of raw materials, preparation, manufacture and connoisseurship of the objects produced in this vast industry.

Over time and with hard use the seat and handle acquire a patina, highly valued by the Burkinabe.

Men’s reclining chairs, , are for relaxing in the cool of the evening after a hard day’s work.

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The film features a number of famous names, such as Academy-award winning director Werner Herzog, who praises their efforts:"I think what these two men are doing out there, promoting a scientific worldview, is something of great value," Herzog says.

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