Relative dating methods and absolute dating methods

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Relative dating methods and absolute dating methods

have not changed much, if at all, during the entire history of the universe -- at least since the first second of the big bang.

This leads to a consistent picture of the earth having existed over billions of years. True scientists must always hold the possibility open that one or more of their initial assumptions is wrong and that their whole set of conclusions must be completely reorganized.

A single observation which proves beyond doubt that the earth has been in existence for less than, say, 1 billion years would greatly weaken the arguments in favor of evolution.

There simply would not have been sufficient time for all of the natural geological and biological processes to produce the complexities of the present world.

This concept of falsification assures that, on the long haul, scientific theories become progressively closer approximations to reality.

Scientists are sometimes able to estimate the age of an object by using two unrelated methods.

It is impossible to prove that the theory of evolution is absolutely true.

The theory maintains that plant evolution, animal evolution and the major geological changes to the earth unfolded over billions of years.

There is no possibility that significant numbers of believers in creation science will accept the validity of any evidence in the future that contradicts the Bible.We can thus expect that timings and minor details of the theory will change in the future.However, the broad scope of evolution is well established and accepted.Thus, the full theory cannot be demonstrated in the laboratory.Processes like the rise of mountains and erosion are simply too slow to be observed during one person's lifetime. species evolution of fruit flies in the laboratory and of Tilapia fish in East African lakes) have been observed.

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According to about 99.85% of America's earth and life scientists, the world did coalesce many billions of years ago.