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His pixies tie Sabrina's hands behind her back and force her to walk the makeshift 'plank' - the diving board of the pool that was quite high up.Sabrina manages to save herself after Puck tells her to confess to her crimes of 'stealing the Old Lady from him'.After Puck insults the two sisters by telling them to go do domestic tasks whilst he recovers his energy to fight off the giant, Sabrina and him have a shout off about Puck's involvement in the rescue mission.They eventually calm down, though Sabrina is disgusted by Puck's eating habits that mimic her sister's very closely.Jack and him rile each other up but Sabrina adn Daphne stop the tension escalating.Puck slams his way out of the house and Sabrina zones out but is awoken by noises coming from her Grandmother's room.

Puck reluctantly unbinds her hands but no sooner has he done so then Sabrina pushes him into the pool instead.

Together, they find out more about the giants and also about William Charming and Puck chips in with hs own information when Sabrina cannot understand the giants mindset.

The note that they find leads them up to the forbidden room where they find Mirror - at first, Mirror tries to burn them all alive believing that they are robbers and vandals, but Puck steps in between the sisters and the flames and tries to fight the flames off.

After the sisters try to guess who he is, Puck flourishes that he is Puck, The Trickster King, King of all things Mischievous etc, etc.

Sabrina has no idea who he is and is amused at Puck's reaction to his non-celebrity.

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  1. She also successfully defended the championship twice the following night, first against Cheerleader Melissa when Mac performed a superkick on Melissa to allow Knox to pin her, and then against Madison, where Knox illegally used the ring ropes for leverage during the pin.