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Published at DK Canada About the book Includes 3-D glasses!

Nevertheless, this book is a great resources to learn more about predators and see their tactics to catch their prey.

A great book for animal studies and to let your kids learn during the summer time!

The goal would be to make a replica of the Predator suit Jamie's uncle wore and have Jamie wear it around the convention hall.

While this match-up may seem a little lopsided in terms of size, one shouldn’t discount Predator’s resourcefulness.

I have learned quite a bit about the kingfisher as I read the information included about it.

For example, did you know that nesting kingfishers must catch as many as 2500 fish to raise a family of up to eight hungry chicks?

3-D photos are available at six places in the book as well.

My favourite one is the one titled The Salmon Run where you see a grizzly bear running in the water. I particularly love the Kingfisher pages as it show how the bird fish in the water.

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The book starts by giving you a definition of what a predator is and immediately jumped into the list of predators presented in this book.

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