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Suddenly may fear ako naramdaman, fear of discrimination, fear na mapahiya because sa mundo ginagalawan ko presently hindi declared my other side. This is something unbelievable and could make for a good script for a movie that it could even rival the story of the Brokeback Mountain.

Just to find release, I’d like to see it posted in no less than Migs’ site, so that others may be enlightened or inspired, or of whatever purpose it could serve to the readers.

during my highschool and college days, i was the typical boy next door: kind, open, friendly, and smart (tends to be a geek at times).

also, i was very active at extra-curriculars: top CAT officer, captain of the dance group, best actor for teatro, HS choir member, chorale president (in college), and a frequent contestant in bees and oratoricals.

It was the 30th day of my birthday month, though still in the middle of the week, the following day was the end of Ramadan and thus was declared a holiday.

I got nothing to do that payday afternoon and so I decided to just hang around. This is the first time I’m writing your site, but have been an avid reader of yours since 2006.

More importantly, my story opposes that of the twink-hungry and abusive PLU (gay) teachers’ usual portrayal by the media.

I’ve been wanting to write you for the longest time but can’t find good story to share until yesterday Nov 8, 2008. Yesterday I went to see the Petronas out of curiosity because I’ve been hearing a lot of good words from people who see it and also from the movies.

I don’t have relatives or even friends that know me that can help if in case they will not accept me.

Everything was new to me and everything was so hard pretending to be like others.

We even shared some interesting commonalities; he and I are both altar boys, we both come from big families, and we are both firmly planted in the closet.

In no time at all, I think we became too sweet to each other — and we’ve never even met! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have sent in their messages to my mobile ( 63-915-869-2229). Hi migs, i must admit that i am thrilled how you and some of your readers have had so much encounters… well, here’s me also sharing some of my not-so-great adventures.

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After a year since I came, I woke up one morning on my colleague’s arms after a long drinking session. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years – in fact, when you started your chat box, we got to chat for a bit.

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