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The dynamic duo revealed that when Ryan was struggling to get it right after multiple takes, Reiner jumped in to demonstrate.

The actors posed for a pic together after honoring the film's director, Rob Reiner, who was named the 41st recipient of the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Chaplin Award.

wish to GTFO after "doing it" (as Marie and Jess, played by Bruno Kirby, would say).

Truly someone who considerately considers the feelings of others.

"That bonding was very much Rob and I." As for what the actors are up to lately, Ryan has reportedly been cast as the role of the unseen narrator in the pilot of the CBS spin-off "How I Met Your Dad." Crystal was recently the voice of Mike Wazowski in 2013's "Monsters University." Other celebrity guests at Monday's gala included James Caan, Michael Douglas, Regis Philbin and Martin Scorsese.

Reiner also received video tributes from Tom Crusie, Mandy Patinkin and Morgan Freeman.

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Sure, she likes to order her dressing on the side, and she's picky about her apple pie order. Meanwhile, Harry talks But Harry can't let her win this one.

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