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Lindy: Okay, so uh there is this guy I know and I consider him a friend, but lately I'm starting to wonder if he could be more than that. Delia: Yeah, don't hurt him, he might know some other secrets. Garrett: Because its got 28 gears, hydraulic brakes, and the strength and agility to shred the steepest, rockiest, terrain of a planet. Lindy: Garrett, I'm a little worried about you and when I say a little, I mean a lot.

Lindy: I was just trying to..truth is..I like Garrett. Garrett: I think my character should have a mustache. Okay, now this is just reading through the script so no acting necessary. Lindy: You know, since Garrett is feeling a little nervous I'd be happy to take a few of his. Lindy: Aw, thank you for bringing me back to THE THEATER! Lindy: Well yeah I know its just how theater people talk about the theater! Well, actually I was going to quit but then I thought about it and thought it might be nice for me to try something new. Delia: So I wrote this scene about the faithful day when I was 12 and my dad told me he wished I've been a boy. Lindy: [To Garrett] That's called dramatic license, [to Delia] hes not really a theater person. Okay, lets get started and remember there are no bad choices. Lindy: You don't have to thank me, its just how we do things in THE THEATER! Hey did you hear Logan got dumped by his girlfriend? Logan: Okay, If you don't like Garrett, then whats this all about?! I know how to dance now, I just need to figure out the whole asking thing.

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