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This is when Trisha saw that Snowy was truely a Service Dog for her.

Staying by her side and comforting Trish with her presence.

He was the tiniest out of the litter, refused to suckle, and only weighed 1.3lbs. Ellis has taught me to be nonjudgmental, keep an open mind, and a open heart. In Loving Memory May 28, 1999- May 31, 2013 When your eyes opened I was there, when your eyes closed 14 years later I was there, we will be together forever, I will wait for your return.

Diagnosed with Sub Aortic Stenosis, was suppose to die around the age of 2 years. You have been and always will be my dog-son Love you, Mom 13 Year Old Yellow Lab Came to me as the last hope of saving him, at 3 1/2 months he was a fear aggressive bitter, destined to be euthanized. He has no more aggression problems, he excels in obedience, agility, and freestyle dancing. Jack has taught me to conquer my fears, get over it, and the world is yours!

I do not see them enough, but I have seen the sensational results.

Snowy we have taught her to become a service dog for Trisha with the skill of retrieving the phone for her, she also picks up her own toys and returns them into a basket.

Emergency crews worked as quickly as they could to get all in danger to shelter and higher grounds.Trish has a harder time getting around, she is not as mobile as she used to be, and Snowy has her ups and downs also, but together they get through the rough times.Freestyle has changed to the game of "What can you do for me", with Snowy going through various Freestyle moves.11 year old Chollie Meet Orso, Born December 16, 2006, saved from a kill shelter in Georgia, he is a Teddy Bear with attitude, smart, quick to learn, with a big appetite for love, and learning!Orso is beginning to teach me to enjoy life, slow down, increase my social outings, cherish friends, have fun, and cuddle more. Cha Cha is beginning to teach me to be adaptable, learn from others,capture the moment, and there is truly wonder and excitement in everyday.

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11 Year Old Chow-Chow Spent his first 6 months as a boarder in our clinic, socialized everyday with clients, other dogs, and cats. Before, I went to bed last night, I knew in my heart it would be the last time that Butchie would watch over me.

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