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Oh dear, oh dear…” Her voice trails away in a wave of emotion.

“My love for him has never diminished.” While her so-called rival Liz Taylor went on to marry two more husbands after Burton (she’d had four before) , Sally remained single. The space and time given to her after his death allowed her to devote her life to setting up scholarships and other memorials in her husband’s name, acts of altruism that evidently never occurred to the besotted, and infinitely richer, Miss Taylor.

Just don’t stand too close to Sally Burton when you mention the name Elizabeth Taylor.

Though Taylor was happy to share her private correspondence with the book’s authors, she withheld the crucial “last letter” from their sight and it is now – if it ever existed – conveniently beyond reach.

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It’s a wondrously romantic story, but there are other people involved here. There were children who were left, and there’s also Susan [the former Suzy Hunt, Sally’s predecessor in the much-married Burton’s life].” What appears to have triggered the outburst is the publication earlier this year of Furious Love, a book by American writers Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger based on the love letters between Burton and Taylor.

Hidden in its pages came the startling assertion that, in his dying days, Burton had written one last letter to Taylor.

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A quarter of a century has elapsed and she has not remarried – although she adds, deadpan, “I don’t want you to think my life has been devoid of romantic attachment.” Then, slowly, she reveals her feelings about the love of her life. I can remember one of those middle-of-the-night conversations with Richard, with me saying, forgive me, I want to be married again – because I so enjoyed being married.