Invalidating a home owners association

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Invalidating a home owners association

Since these detention areas serve multiple residences, they are almost always designated as "common" areas.

This requirement was a reason for developers to establish a homeowner association.

In the early postwar period after World War II, many were defined to exclude African Americans and, in some cases, Jews, with Asians also excluded on the West Coast.

Accordingly, local governments began promoting subdivision development as a means of improving their cash flow. As a result, nearly all residential developments had to construct detention or retention areas to hold excess storm water until it could be released at the pre-development flow level.There was an increasing social preference to control and preserve architectural quality in developments.The amount of readily available land declined near business centers.The effect, however, was to divert investment from multi-family housing and home construction or renovation in the inner cities.This accelerated the middle-class exodus to the suburbs and into common-interest housing.

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