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I am dating a married man stories

You know what your doing is not right but your heart want let you walk away." I'M IN LOVE WITH MARRIED MAN". I love him so much every time I say I'm going to leave my heart says stay.It hurt so much just the thought of being without him. We have been seeing each other since january 2009 and believe me we have never had sex, well he tried but i just won't let him.It's not fair to love someone so much, so deeply, for so long and never have that love returned. I'm not trying to wreck his life or his family.(New or old) It's just so hard living life as only half of who I really am.

My husband tried to end it with her several times but yet she keeps on pursuing him and her reason being is that "he can't deny his feelings." He is trying to do the right thing for our marriage, his wife and his kids, and she is just making it hard. You cannot take the plunge and deal with the consequences. Build a beautiful life with this man who loves you so much and have you ever though you are doing the same mistake you so unsure right now and i can't entirely blame you your age is such too.

but he became way too possessive and angry and i moved on... Sometimes it's best to let go of the past and stop wondering about what could have been... i bet you will learn more about him and who he is in that trip than you ever had in all your time of dating him..

Don't go looking for prince charming, you have to make him :) I understand I'm in love a married man.

He has been married for 13 years and has older kids and grandkids.

I really love this man it is easy for someone to say walk away be it is so hard to do.

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