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But the advantage is people can call you on a "normal number" and your PC does not have to be switched on in order to make or receive calls. The flexibility to simply pick up your phone and dial out and receive calls makes Vonage very attractive for people who do not want to be sat at a computer.The pricing is also very attractive and many people will save money on their calls.You have a list of contacts - either other Skype users, or a phone number.To call someone, you select (or add) the name or phone number and click on a green button. the other person answers and you have a normal chat "on the phone".Friendly, knowledgeable technical support staff helped me and the support number is free.It did take more than an hour to sort out and if you don't have any technical knowledge you might be daunted by some of the steps you have to take. Do you think it will transform the way we make phone calls? Some years ago, I listened to a purported AT&T representative in some TV discussion say that AT&T did not feel "threatened" by Vo IP because of "the poor sound quality." I thought then that AT&T needed to fire him and all his like, or AT&T would be gone.All in all Skype is brilliant, very user-friendly, very cheap...but you won't be able to do away with your old home phone yet.

There is one remedy, but it is not cheap: Siemens is selling an antenna that plugs into your computer's USB port, and connects a cordless home phone to Skype.

I use Skype mainly to call my parents, who don't live in the UK.

Every three months I used to get a painful reminder of the distance between us, when British Telecom sent me my quarterly phone bill.

The BBC News website's business editor Tim Weber is a Skype user, while acting technology editor Darren Waters has been getting to grips with Vonage.

We've got a new word in our family dictionary, "to skype", as in: "we can skype this evening", or "I'll skype you now".

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And other companies are bringing out phones which plug straight into a USB port.