Hook up personals

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Hook up personals

The sale presintation said that I could teach you from A-Z how to pick up woman on CL.I decided to give it a try because I had nothing to loose, Ive already tried everything and nothing worked. I took two hours and went over the complete guide and I started to get results amediatly. I got the answer I was looking for, Craigslist is real!I found it was more about stratage and with the right stratage Cl is actually a really good place to meet women for NSA hookups. Everything from the time of days to post the add to get the most eyes on your post, what titles to use and much more. Week Four By week four I felt confident I found exactly what I was looking for.I was getting a large number of responces from real woman and all of the women I met up with were good Hot.I started coming to the conclusion that if something looked to good to be true, it probabaly was.As the days went on I incresaed the quanity of adds that I replied to.

At the end of the first week I only received two REAL replys form real woman wanting to hook up.

For instance, in San Francisco, I can tell you that in my friendly hood of the Mission, there are currently 518 people seeking people.

It will also tell you the age and gender of each poster.

I'm sure young, Bay Area women will be flocking to that post. With Hookup Maps you can easily filter the online personal ads Craigslist has to offer and thereby take matters into your own hands.

About Me Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself and why I took this jurney down the craigslist rabit hole.

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Like many single men out there, I just dont have the time energy a serious relationship requires. I still require the frequent attention of No Strings Attacked female friends. So I began looking for a reliable place to find females with similier interests.

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