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Regardless, it seemed to indicate an insensitivity in that regard.

As to the aforementioned account re his latest termination, Bob appears to have crossed the Rubicon re racial remarks in seeming to question the ability of the IT guy because of his race.

what a double standard, this would never fly, there would be outrage all over the place if somebody said this [about Michelle Obama]." Guilfoyle's comments sparked outrage on Twitter, with many shocked that the host had suggested the killing of two rappers by police on live TV.

The 48-year-old was once the First Lady of San Francisco, and was one of the contenders for the job as Trump's press secretary, which ultimately went to Sean Spicer.

We wish him the very best.” Even though the Murdochs recently re-signed their FNC flagship anchor and top revenue generator to an 18-million-per-year contract, they decided to jettison O’Reilly amid the continuing allegations of sexual harassment.

Bill Shine, if you keep losing the “Foxes” post Roger, you will be left with only “Friends.” And, for FNC fans, this is not a good thing. In a vid clip aired from their visit to the Columbus Zoo on their bus tour to Cleveland, Ohio, for the GOP Presidential convention, Dana got somewhat salty in her language.

After co-anchors watched the “free-range” lions who were not to be fed according to the zookeeper’s orders to Greg, Dana mounted the dromedary and then Greg struggled mightily to get on behind her.

When aired later on Friday night, Bob’s name and fate were noticeably not found anywhere on the lips of his co-hosts Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jesse Watters, Dana Perino, or Greg Gutfeld.

However, where Bob had last sat was predictably Juan Williams.

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