Gay dating soudan

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Gay dating soudan

Borga was told by a midwife that the newborn’s mother, whom he didn't meet, lost her husband in the conflict and was repeatedly raped by several men, subsequently giving birth to four children from the rapes.

Her trauma led her to kill three of her older children and was close to killing her newborn when witnesses on the street saved him.

Nuers have to follow the rule of exogamy: a man cannot marry a woman of the same clan and the same lineage.“I think he needs a lot of time to process what has happened, the grief that he has suffered.”“What struck me was meeting with children with great resilience,” he says.“In many cases, boys and girls less than ten years old took care of their younger siblings, showing great responsibility and care for them in very difficult situations.“The criminal police in Bor did not recognize the Central State authorities because of the civil war,” he says.The arrest forced him to flee Bor, and never fully learning of the fate of a newborn he encountered at a hospital there.

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"The South Sudanese population lives in a disastrous condition," Borga says.

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