Gardening dating platform

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Gardening dating platform

Others are still considering their policy on this, so do check with your own water company.

It’s a very simple and efficient way of keeping plants watered.

It bodes worryingly for the growing season, and water restrictions across southern and eastern England are a black cloud on the horizon – although not of the right kind.

Southern Water, South East Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia South East have all announced restrictions, including a hosepipe ban, to come into effect on April 5.

Happily, there are loads of very easy tricks that can help cut down on water use in the garden.

Your first priority should be to set up as many water butts as your home can take: every downpipe and shed roof can be helping you to store up rainwater for the dry times.

- If they should really start to look like they need watering, established plants are great candidates for watering with grey water (see information box, right).

Come the next rains, growth kicks in and they green up again. Shaggier turf creates its own shading and retains moisture more efficiently.Water saving is mostly common sense and simple techniques that require just a few adjustments to your thinking.A hosepipe ban may stop you spraying your garden with a hose, but that’s all it does.Ponds Water will evaporate from the surface of ponds over summer, and they will need topping up. Rain water is gentler on wildlife and fishes than tap water. It is generally advised that between 50 and 75 per cent of the surface of a pond should be covered in plant growth, such as water lily leaves.This is because it helps to prevent a build-up of algae in the pond, but it also prevents rapid evaporation.

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