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Funny dating quotes taglines

It’s been an interesting and, occasionally, eye-opening experience.Earlier today, I was looking through a few online dating profiles and the following irritating phrase came up several times: “I’m a lil like marmite – you either love me or hate me.” Ah, ok, so you’re not a “lil like marmite” because you’re thick, pasty and smell like shit?Be aware of this and realize that he’s okay with disappointing you. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t do what they say they’re going to do.

Ok, I admit it, I’ve been dabbling in the world of online dating.

"For a change, lady luck seemed to be smiling on me.

Then again, maybe the fickle wench was just lulling me into a false sense of security while she reached for a rock." -- The Icarus Hunt, by Timothy Zahn "For those of you who like to lie awake nights and worry about things ponder this: the United States Navy will be building an aircraft carrier that will run its communications systems, aircraft launch, and weapons systems using Microsoft Windows-based operating systems." -- TNPCN "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, play solitaire, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.

to actively seek nothingness is worse than defeat... Polish search and rescue workers have recovered 300 bodies so far and expect that number to climb as digging continues into the evening." Second Law of Business Meetings: If there are two possible ways to spell a person's name, you will pick the wrong one.

how can you admire a human who consciously embraces the bland, the mediocre, and the safe rather than risk the suffering that disappointments can bring? It's like a full-time job, and we should treat it like one. Otherwise you follow the Book, which is largely a collection of nitwit ideas that worked. Corollary - If there is only one way to spell a name, you will spell it wrong anyway.

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Why include such an inappropriate and over-used slogan in your profile?

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  1. There was “Trained Teens 3,” the movie that helped me buy my first car, a red convertible that made me feel so L. My skin prickled as I remembered how I’d kept the top down so I could see the palm trees, even when the wind gave my skinny arms goosebumps. But then I couldn’t find a job doing anything else.

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