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I wondered what the hot sticky cum would feel like on my body as I played with my clit. Morgan was there in a pair of those little lace shorts that are popular today and a tank top. "We have to talk about what happened and set some rules," I said. I didn't even grow up here." "Well, why can't you have sex at his house? "Because I don't know when he'll want me," she said.

I lay there panting, mad at myself for getting caught up in the situation and being turned on. I threw on a pair of jeans and a top and went downstairs.

I don't really have or want a boyfriend, after all, I'm not sure where I'll end up. Otherwise he'll replace me," she said matter of factly. I pictured that gorgeous cock inside of her, how it would feel. Life went on, it was a month before the next incident. I heard her phone ring around am and I heard her go downstairs and open the door. He was standing by the door and she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I should have said something, or at least stopped watching. After a few minutes he picked her up like a little doll. I couldn't help but focus on the big cock as he knelt down behind her.

She must have been wearing just a sleep shirt as he had pulled it off her leaving her naked on her knees.

His hand was in the way, I had to imagine it a bit.

I thought about watching Ben's cock as he thrust it in and out of Morgan. I wondered how they would feel against Ben's chiseled chest.

I couldn't remember how long it'd been since I masturbated.

Morgan turned around and kissed him, "Thank you," she said. As I was changing I was having trouble staying focused. I could picture the hot cum squirting on Morgan's ass. It had been years since I had sex and here was my daughter getting laid by a handsome man with a big cock. It occurred to me that Morgan had her pussy shaved. Cum shooting all over her from that magnificent cock. This is about Morgan not about that good looking guy with that big thick cock. They both spent some of their summers with me but they worked and were out. About my daughter's senior year I took stock of myself. My son 22 had graduated college at the time, my daughter just leaving. Although I claimed I'd been devoted to my children.

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