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Advertising has always targeted a powerful consumer alter ego: that hip, attractive, incredibly popular person just waiting to emerge (with the help of the advertised product) from an all-too-normal self.

Now, in cyberspace, consumers are taking the initiative and adopting alter egos that are anything but under wraps.

The experience of living through another self is most powerful in so-called massively multiplayer online role-playing games, which enable thousands of people to interact simultaneously within the same three-dimensional virtual world.

In such settings, participants effectively become the avatars they’ve created, looking out through their eyes and engaging with other such beings.

Like the ancient rite of the cartoon showing man’s best friend sitting at a computer screen: “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” The avatar is the most conspicuous online manifestation of people’s desire to try out alternative identities or project some private aspect of themselves.

(The word, which originally described the worldly incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, was popularized in its cybersense by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 cult novel .) Broadly defined, “avatar” encompasses not only complex beings created for use in a shared virtual reality but any visual representation of a user in an online community.

Birdsong and a gentle breeze enliven the scene at dawn, and as you walk by a house later in the day you may hear music emanating from an open window.

When people approach you to chat—their hands typing on an invisible keyboard to indicate that a line of dialogue will soon appear on your screen—their movements are slightly awkward.

People have long taken on alternative identities, from authors’ sly noms de plume to CB radio operators’ evocative handles to chat-room visitors’ sexually suggestive user names.

Certainly, introducing real-world brands, in some form or another, is a logical next step. Sure, the real-world human controls the real-world wallet.

The avatar, though, arguably represents a distinctly different “shadow” consumer, one able to influence its creator’s purchase of real-world products and conceivably make its own real-world purchases in the virtual world.

And that makes it potentially a dream marketing venue.

Instead of targeting passive eyeballs, marketers here have the opportunity to interact with engaged minds. Residents spend—in Linden dollars, the local currency, available at in-world ATMs—the equivalent of million a month on resident-to-resident transactions for in-world products and services. The flesh-and-blood avatars residing in the virtual world?

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An unattractive, shy man will transform himself into the sexiest and most aggressive guy—or, not uncommonly, girl—on the virtual block.

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