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Executive order consolidating government in emergency

This term includes regulatory agencies, chartered institutions and government-owned or controlled corporations. - Each chief of Bureau or other officer of the government shall make such special reports concerning the work of his Bureau or Office as may from time to time be required of him by the President of the Philippines or Head of Department. CHAPTER 12PUBLIC CONTRACTS AND CONVEYANCES Section 47. - Contracts or conveyances may be executed for and in behalf of the Government or of any of its branches, subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations, whenever demanded by the exigency or exigencies of the service and as long as the same are not prohibited by law. (2) For property belonging to the Republic of the Philippines but titled in the name of any political subdivision or of any corporate agency or instrumentality, by the executive head of the agency or instrumentality. Where the operations of the agency regularly involve the sale or other disposition of personal property, the deed shall be executed by any officer or employee expressly authorized for that purpose. Conveyance of National Government Property to Local Governments.

(11) Regulatory agency refers to any agency expressly vested with jurisdiction to regulate, administer or adjudicate matters affecting substantial rights and interests of private persons, the principal powers of which are exercised by a collective body, such as a commission, board or council. - The contents of the annual reports shall be prescribed by law or, in the absence thereof, by executive order. - When the real property belonging to the National Government is needed for school purposes, or other official use by any local government, the President shall authorize its transfer, and the department head or other authority concerned shall execute in favor of the local government the necessary deed of conveyance by way of gift, sale, exchange, or otherwise, and upon such terms as shall be for the interest of the parties concerned. - (1) Contracts in behalf of the Republic of the Philippines shall be executed by the President unless authority therefor is expressly vested by law or by him in any other public officer.

BOOK I SOVEREIGNTY AND GENERAL ADMINISTRATION CHAPTER 1THE NATIONAL TERRITORY Section 3. - The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial, and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas. - The territorial and political subdivisions of the Philippines are the autonomous regions, provinces, subprovinces, cities, municipalities and barangays. (4) Those who are naturalized in accordance with law. Beneath shall be a scroll with the words "Republic of the Philippines, " or its equivalent in the national language, inscribed thereon. - Until otherwise provided by law, Pilipino and English shall be the official languages. (5) The territorial and political subdivisions of the Republic of the Philippines are the provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays.

The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines. (2) The Great Seal shall be circular in form, with the arms as described in the preceding paragraph, but without the scroll and the inscription thereon, and surrounding the whole, a double marginal circle within which shall appear the words "Republic of the Philippines," or its equivalent in the national language. - The Great Seal shall be affixed to or placed upon all commissions signed by the President and upon such other official documents and papers of the Republic of the Philippines as may be required by custom and usage. - The various offices of government may adopt appropriate coats-of-arms, seals and banners. There shall be autonomous regions, in accordance with the Constitution, in Muslim Mindanao and the Cordilleras as may be provided by law.

When the security of the State or the public interest so requires and the President so states in writing, the appearance shall be conducted in executive session. (2) Amendments to the Constitution may likewise be directly proposed by the people through initiative upon a petition of at least twelve (12) per centum of the total number of registered voters, of which every legislative district must be represented by at least three (3) per centum of the registered voters therein.

No amendments under this paragraph shall be authorized within five years following the ratification of the 1987 Constitution nor oftener than once every five years thereafter.

The State shall, by law, facilitate the establishment of adequate consultation mechanisms. - The legislative power shall be vested in the Congress of the Philippines which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives, except to the extent reserved to the people by the Constitutional provision on initiative and referendum. Neither shall he be appointed to any office which may have been created or the emoluments thereof increased during the term for which he was elected.

(8) The powers expressly vested in any branch of the Government shall not be exercised by, nor delegated to, any other branch of the Government, except to the extent authorized by the Constitution. (2) No Senator or Member of the House of Representatives may personally appear as counsel before any court of justice or before the Electoral Tribunals, or quasi-judicial and other administrative bodies.

(9) Office refers, within the framework of governmental organization, to any major functional unit of a department or bureau including regional offices.

(2) National Government refers to the entire machinery of the central government, as distinguished from the different forms of local governments.

(3) Local Government refers to the political subdivisions established by or in accordance with the Constitution.

Neither shall he, directly or indirectly, be interested financially in any contract with, or in any franchise or special privilege granted by the Government, or any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof including any government-owned or controlled corporation, or its subsidiary, during his term of office. - The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each have an Electoral Tribunal which shall be the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns, and qualifications of their respective Members.

He shall not intervene in any matter before any office of the Government for his pecuniary benefit or where he may be called upon to act on account of his office. Each Electoral Tribunal shall be composed of nine (9) Members, three (3) of whom shall be Justices of the Supreme Court to be designated by the Chief Justice, and the remaining six (6) shall be Members of the Senate or the House of Representatives, as the case may be, who shall be chosen on the basis of proportional representation from the political parties and the parties or organizations registered under the party-list system represented therein. - There shall be a Commission on Appointments consisting of the President of the Senate, as ex officio Chairman, and twelve (12) Senators and twelve (12) Members of the House of Representatives, elected by each House on the basis of proportional representation from the political parties and parties or organizations registered under the party-list system represented therein.

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For the purpose of placing the Great Seal, the color of the arms shall not be deemed essential. The President shall have custody of the Great Seal. (6) The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.