Difference between dating and marriage

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Difference between dating and marriage

And 422,000 results for wedding anniversary It appears from the few books I scanned that the former is more common, but not limited to, Indian English.

Anita smiled as she watched her four children scrambling around, in preparation of her thirty-fifth marriage anniversary.

Only same sex couples can enter a civil partnership, whereas both male and females can enter a marriage.

Same sex couples can also get married in England, Scotland and Wales – and a civil partnership can be converted into a marriage.

Though used interchangeably , these two words carry very different meanings.The idiomatic usage is to talk about a "wedding anniversary" which is to say the anniversary of the day on which the ceremony took place.Google books has 4,160 results for marriage anniversary.So why are people wanting to enter a civil partnership instead of a marriage you ask?Well, for many they want to formalise their relationship and celebrate with both friends and family – however they don’t want to be married.

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And even then you must have lasted for a year before you can apply.

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