Develop a checklist for validating insurance coverage

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If there is an intensive exam, then Customs waits for the container to be stripped and just examines the cargo designated.Now that fear has been instilled sufficiently into your life, breathe into a paper bag and just hear us out.Once the container arrives at the CES, it may wait up to a week in line depending on how many are in the queue.This is when being C-TPAT certified gives you an advantage, which is essential if you want to avoid demurrage or detention charges from the steamship line for having their equipment in use and out of the port.Costs for this exam range from 0 and up, depending on the port. Not only is this an in-depth search of your container and products, this exam has hefty fees associated with it.An Intensive Exam is usually initiated after a VACIS exam.If you are a repeat offender of marking or labeling issues, for example, beware of the magnifying glass. If your shipment is flagged for exam, how do you know?

The following is a quick breakdown of common exams that importers may encounter.

As the ETA of your freight approaches, your palms start to sweat, you begin to pace your office, hit the refresh button on the tracking website, and start calling your Customs broker every hour on the hour.

The underlying fears…will your freight be snagged for examination?! Importers have come to know and dread the hold notifications, whether e-mailed or called in by their broker – but that doesn’t make the news any less painful to hear.

Intensive examinations require your freight to be moved off-port to a Customs Examination Station (CES) in order to be physically unloaded and inspected.

Because the freight is not Customs released, there are costs associated with using a bonded carrier in order to move the cargo to the CES.

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’ Well, to be honest, CBP does not disclose the examination information to the trade community due to national security risk and all that hoopla.

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