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Being upfront about our attractions/orientations at the outset—whatever our attractions/orientations might be—saves us all a lot of time, heartache, and recrimination on the backend.

Your complete lack of interest in sex may be a dealbreaker for this girl, NOHOPE, as odds are good she's sexual, odds are equally good she's sizing you up as a prospective sex (and romance!

I felt it was too awkward to bring up so soon, but I don't want to wait too long and hurt her.

I have no idea how this is done in person or online. Finding the right man to fit your wants/needs/desires/fantasies is hard.

One of the drawbacks of the social media era is the self-torture you can inflict.

Social stalking your ex or the ex’s new flame is a sure way to make yourself miserable.

You're likelier to meet someone if you're out of the house and moving through the world. Hire babysitters and go places and do shit without your kid. It's your job to weed out the creepy and/or lecherous and/or predatory, just as you did back when you were single and childless.

Replace "disability" with "kid" and "women" with "men" and the above advice goes for you, too, MOM. Use your bullshit detectors, trust your gut, don't ignore red flags, etc.

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(Women shouldn't assume every guy they meet is straight, but if I went on a date with a woman without letting her know first and/or promptly that I wasn't straight and so sex wasn't a possibility...

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