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I texted him saying, "I like you, but it doesn't seem like you have time for me." I fully expected him to write back agreeing, and then things would be over. Instead, he wrote back saying that he wanted to see me again and made plans right away.When we hung out, we talked about the text I sent him and he told me he was sorry and that he was just out of town and didn't even realize how much time had gone by.Our first date was 9 hours long and I met all his friends.Every date we go on, he makes it obvious that he's into me. He's an awful texter, and so busy that we never see each other.If he's a careerist, he probably sees commitment as an impediment to his professional aspirations. "How dare anyone I've fucked not consider me the most important thing in their entire lives??

I feel stupid constantly being the one to initiate conversations, even though he always replies right away.

When we saw each other, though, I had a great time for a few hours. It sounds like that's what this guy is doing to you. He may have a Thursday girl, a Friday girl, and a Saturday girl also, and I'm sure that's what frightens you.

I wasn't any less present with her than when I was in the beginning. But once the date was over, I went back to my life. But it's likely that he JUST wants a Wednesday girl.

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Like, when would I ever have time to see anyone that often?