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Earth is protected from Ultra voilet radiation by _______ ? If we move from equator to pole the value of acceleration due to gravity "g"_______ ?

Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure ?

Version 1 was based around the idea of a one-way glass; an asymmetric experience for guys and girls.

The girls could see the guys on a map, but the guys couldn’t see the girls at all until a girl got in touch. Once a girl got in touch, the guy could see her profile, and the couple could message each other, but at no point did the guy see the girl’s location.

Each day on Collab Finder, new connections are made. The only people who aren't welcome, founder Sahadeva Hammari says, are MBAs.

The site, quietly launched with a seed investment from betaworks a few weeks ago, has a simple goal -- to help people collaborate on projects. "We don't want the people on Collab Finder to have people coming to them who can't contribute to the project and just want to be 'the idea guy,' he says.

When you’re in one of our Antidate venues (we’ve started with our favourite Hackney pubs and bars), a green light will show on your Antidate profile.The idea of strangers with common interests reaching out to one another has been a thread throughout his career.The problem with other sites aimed at helping strangers meet each other, like Highlight, is that most people have issues keeping up with their existing networks of friends.We aren't desperate for new connections with random strangers.But we do want to connect with people when we need something from them.

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