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Published fourteen years after his death, this to the Simplicity Pattern Company and moved to Niles, Michigan, the site of Simplicity's primary manufacturing plant.During the transition involved with the move to Michigan, pattern orders were sent to a Woodside, New York, address from approximately April 1985 to January 1988It's not known if records for the hundreds of Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks quilt patterns survived, but if they did, Simplicity certainly missed an opportunity to further commercialize those patterns to new generations of quiltmakers."due to the expansion of the Quilt and Embroidery side of the business, we are looking for someone who would be interested in purchasing the Fashion side. These patterns were originally sold through the newspapers in the 1960's and 70's.Reader Mail occupied an 11 story building and an adjoining 6 story building in the Old Chelsea section of Manhattan's lower west side.Both buildings extend all the way through from 17th Street on the south (the main entrance) to 18th Street on the north (the "back door") and are the only buildings in that block that do.And I could use my art background, my sewing ability and my writing skills. My boss at Reader Mail was Ada Cone, and she is the one who interviewed me for the job that was advertised in the New York Times.Besides my ability to do paste-ups [what graphics programs do now, but without the rubber cement] and to write, she wanted to find out if I was going to be OK with choosing "a Glamorous career" over a monetarily fruitful one.Instead, , pages 673 and 660 respectively, identify Max Levine, Anne Borne, and Nathan Kogan as the Directors of Household Arts.At the time I retrieved this information at the New York Public Library in 1986, I was unaware of the other company names.

After a career involving various newspapers and publications, Mr.She told me - "there's a future, and the money will come." She hinted that she wouldn't be around forever and I might, someday, have her job. She was in her 60s then, and I believe she had worked there for 30 years when I got there. She stayed at Reader Mail as the head designer of knit, crochet, quilts and crafts until the place closed.I’m actually not sure how many people total worked at Reader Mail.From their inception, the features created by the various companies were distributed in the United States by King Features Syndicate, Inc., a division of the Hearst Corporation. The company's trademark registrations in 19 and New York State incorporation records serve to tie them together as part of one company The companies were unique in that they created dress and needlework pattern lines that would compete against each other in the same city.The New York State Division of Corporations provides the answer to the connection between, and the final story of, our Laura Wheeler / Alice Brooks patterns, the Reader Mail name, and the Hearst Corporation. The numerous addresses also allowed King Features to supply two, three, or more of the various features to a single newspaper, each one of which appeared to be from a different source.

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The first of the group of New York City pattern companies responsible for the Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks needlework patterns, the Anne Adams and Marian Martin clothing patterns, and others, was incorporated August 13, 1928, and did not use a byline with its features in the beginning (see later). Superior Needlework patterns, numbered in the 100 and 300 series, were sold in stores (including J. Penney) rather than by mail-order through periodicals, and seem to date in the 1940s and 1950s.

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