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This can be a simple work song to help make everyday tasks, such as washing or tending fields, more enjoyable, but the more complex dances are usually performed with some purpose in mind.The is a dance often performed at cultural events and funerals.If there are two numbers, for example, the row says 3, 4, that means there is a section of three black blocks, then one or more white blocks, then a section of four black blocks. If a row has 6 spaces and there is a number 6 to the left of it, that means all of the spaces in the row are black.

The most obvious is the lack of partnered dancing (at least in male-female pairs).

Each number stands for a continuous section of black blocks.

For example, if there is a number 6, it means you will need to color in 6 blocks in a row, with no gaps.

Use the clues from the columns to figure out where the fifth black space will go. Same for the columns and the square sections that consists of nine squares each.

This game uses process of elimination as well as a little bit of trial and error.

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You can also ask an adult to give you a hint if you're getting frustrated.

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