Dating friendship in ghana 2016 dating a woman going through a divorce

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Dating friendship in ghana 2016

As soon as I found an escape, I had no intention of relinquishing my freedom so easily.

During those two liberating years I went through a streak of casual dating, valuing the ability to keep my options open and guiltlessly concentrating on my needs.

While I haven’t tried this approach, I’ve read that saying you don’t know how to make banku or fufu will deter them since first wife material includes being able to cook.

Ghanaians have a very difficult time determining the age of a foreigner, especially a westerner.

” I get these comments on a regular basis while walking the streets of Koforidua, my home for the next 10 months.

They often offer to introduce me to their friend/brother/cousin.

But for me, a westerner and an American, this sign of affection is a little too overbearing.

Friends are easy to make in Ghana but it’s important to find friends who aren’t trying to use you for a green card and instead value your experiences and companionship.

Although your Ghanaian guy friends might try to marry you off to their friends, they’ll at least always have your back and step in to defend you if someone is harassing you.

There are nice guys and not so nice guys everywhere and just as you wouldn’t put up with constant harassment back home, you shouldn’t be subjected to it in Ghana.

I would recommend trying a more diplomatic and friendly approach as mentioned above but if all else fails, you can tell them “” meaning “stop” or “I don’t like that” in Twi.

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And to be fair, my teammates and I have a hard time determining Ghanaians’ ages as well.