Dating during trial separation

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Being liked by judges and other local attorneys can give your case more weight although it shouldn’t.

Because so many counties are closely situated around the San Francisco Bay area, attorneys cross county borders regularly and are well liked by judges and lawyers in the neighboring (i.e.

There are specific requirements for appeal and well-versed appellate attorneys can pave the way to your successful appeal or spouse’s unsuccessful appeal. There are hundreds of courtrooms in California and each of them has local rules.

Some of the rules are published and others are not.

Having a strong working knowledge of your case should make you feel more confident at trial.

If you were deposed or answered interrogatories, re-read the transcript and your responses.Your spouse won’t settle, and the threat of a divorce trial looms on the horizon. Even the best attorneys can’t guarantee the outcome of your case – even if the law and facts are black and white. There are no crystal balls, and judges are fallibly human.If your case is complex and/or involves high stakes, consider speaking to an appellate attorney while you are preparing for trial.An appellate attorney can work with you and your trial attorney to identify the evidence you need to present or illicit at trial and the record you need to have established in the event of an appeal.

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Attorneys who practice regularly within a particular county (“local attorneys”) are usually more familiar with these rules than attorneys who do not practice regularly in the county.

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