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Dating anxiety depression

I learned that the extreme physical and mental exhaustion I felt after completing a few days of “average” activities was not merely the consequence of my introversion, but a function of sensory overload, and that there were things I could do to cope with this sensitivity.At the same time, I began dating two wonderful people who are still my partners.Over the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the ways in which my brain and body work.I’ve learned that the intense sadness and stress I dealt with in high school did, in fact, qualify as depression and anxiety, and that I could and should seek support for these things.When my partners really want to make dinner together and play a board game, but I need to go be alone in my room and watch a show, I can feel really guilty about disappointing them.

They would just prefer if I could tell them I’m about to do so; they find it difficult when I just disappear, and they have no idea how I’m doing or when I’ll rejoin them.

When I’m feeling really depressed, or I’m so overwhelmed that I want space immediately, it can be hard to pause and find the energy and care to let my partners know how I’m feeling.

But I am learning to be better at communicating when I need space and how I’m doing, since I know my partners won’t judge me.

My partners and I can’t be there for each other 24/7.

Especially when dealing with mental illness, creating a support network outside of one or two people is incredibly important.

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But when it does happen, I accept it and, instead of beating myself up for disappointing someone else, I focus on taking care of myself and feeling better.

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