Dating a rubber band man

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When allowed to pull back, men will naturally return to whatever level of intimacy was there when he stretched away.

This is an interesting theory and less discouraging than thinking your guy just doesn’t want to be close.

Also, rubber banding does not happen when a couple is newly in a relationship. If he is pulling away early on in the relationship, there are probably other issues affecting his interest that may or may not be related to you. At other times, women convince themselves that it is "wrong" to contact their partner, that they must refrain from even talking -- and that whoever talks first loses.

Unfortunately, this cycle can be quite upsetting to a woman. Of course, while they are determined not to fold, they are also waiting by the phone, checking their voice mail, checking their e-mail, or checking that lump in bed lying beside them for signs of life. Don't call him or try to approach him in person at first.

So, please answer if you are a guy and have done this to someone or if you are a girl and have experienced this from a guy - did it lead to the guy breaking up in the end or them "springing back" and how long would be normal for this "elastic band" to stretch out for?

Sometimes women will say or do something to send the message that they are super into it, and that’s not a bad thing.

But if your guy hasn’t already felt that pull toward you and that feeling of longing, he may instinctively draw back to make sure it’s there for him, too.

Gray explains that many men experience this, despite the fact that intimacy is fulfilling to him.

that sometimes intimacy can take him by surprise or feel like too much too soon, and this makes him feel the need to draw back a little bit to recalibrate.

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In healthy relationships, men do not pull away out of anger or frustration about their relationship. "When a woman reacts to the rubber band by chasing, it can cause a man to pull away even more -- perhaps stretching until the rubber band breaks.

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