Courtship and dating in the 1800s

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Courtship and dating in the 1800s

Catherine Morland in declares, ‘to marry for money I think the wickedest thing in existence’ (ch. She is an unworldly 17-year-old, but her heart is right.

And women’s choices, while constrained, are their own.

He likes the country and his books, and these must console him for his error; he has made his choice and can never unmake it.

Has it always been the gift of flowers and candy for courting a lady? I often wonder while I sit in my comfy recliner, watching regency movies or reading a new and exciting historical novel; Are the happy ever afters truly accurate?

In the earlier novels of the 18th century, fathers often try to command their sons and daughters whom to marry.

In Austen’s world, as she says in the last chapter of And young means young.

The rule in Austen’s novels seems clear: if a man proposes as if he cannot imagine that the answer will be no – the answer will be no.

It wasn’t like today, where you (okay, like me) would sashay up to a fella in a nightclub or bar and wink, ‘Hey stud, wanna dance?, Mr Rushworth divorces Maria for adultery, but this is a scandal, reported in the newspapers.The marriage choices that Jane Austen’s characters make are absolute.Yet three of Jane Austen’s own brothers married women older than themselves.Courtship was a semi-public process, acted out according to fixed conventions.

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It makes me want to weep at the idea of a woman never finding her true love or happy ever after in life. I guess this is an ideal example of the hardships woman faced back in the Regency in regards to marriage; the truth is she a woman very little choice in the matter.

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