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Chaturbanet com

The player then determines their class in one of three ways; Picking from a class list, randomly generating a class via questions, or creating a custom class themselves.

The player character's proficiency with a skill is increased by practice, training, and study.

The central quests concern the deity Dagoth Ur, housed within the volcanic Red Mountain, who seeks to gain power and break Morrowind free from Imperial reign.

Although primarily a fantasy game, with many game-play elements and Western medieval and fantasy fiction tropes inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and previous RPGs, it also features some steampunk elements, and drew considerable inspiration from Middle Eastern art, architecture, and cultures.

The player levels up their character by gaining levels in ten pre-determined skills, listed as "major" and "minor" skills.

The game spawned two expansion packs: Tribunal and Bloodmoon.Training involves paying cash to non-player characters (NPCs) in exchange for immediate proficiency increases in that skill.Study requires reading books found in the game, some of which will immediately raise a skill when read.The player is successively asked questions by a fellow prisoner, an officer, and a bureaucrat as the player is registered as a free citizen; choosing, in the process, the player character's name, race, gender, class, and birthsign.These affect the player's starting attributes, skills, and abilities.

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It was released in North America in 2002 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox.

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