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Drugs of abuse testing may also be ordered by a health practitioner to monitor a known or suspected substance abuse patient or whenever a person has signs and symptoms that suggest drug use.Depending on the drug or drugs involved, these may include, for example: A positive initial drug screening means that the person tested has a substance in his or her body that falls into one of the drug classes and is above the established cutoff level.Compliance monitoring of pain medications is crucial for eliminating or significantly curtailing abuse (e.g., addiction, diversion) of controlled prescription drugs and at the same time assuring the appropriate treatment for those patients who can be helped by these medications.Urine drug screening is considered one of the mainstays of adherence monitoring in conjunction with prescription monitoring programs and other screening tools.Some of the most commonly screened drugs include: Medical screening for drugs of abuse is primarily focused on determining what drugs or combinations of drugs a person may have taken so that the person can receive proper treatment.A drug's overall effect on a particular person depends on the response of the person's body to the substance, on the quantity and combination taken, and when it was taken.Drugs of abuse testing is used to screen for and confirm the presence of several drugs in a person's sample, such as urine, blood or hair.

Testing methods must be able to distinguish between endogenous (that produced by the athlete's body) and supplemented compounds.

Examples of legal drug abuse screening include: Employment drug testing is a specific type of forensic testing (see above).

It may be done prior to employment, on a random basis, following an accident, or if the employer has a reasonable suspicion that an employee is using illegal drugs. It is required in some industries, such as those that involve the U. Department of Transportation, the military and federal employees, and is an accepted practice in many other industries.

For instance, MDMA (also known as Ectasy or Molly) is initially a stimulant with associated psychedelic effects but later causes central nervous system (CNS) depression as it is metabolized and cleared from the body.

In many cases, drugs have been combined and/or taken with ethanol (alcohol).

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Sample collection procedures for this type of testing are strictly controlled and documented to maintain a legal "chain-of-custody." The donor provides a sample that is closed and secured with a tamperproof seal in his or her presence.

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