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On the other hand my father proposed to me to go a year to the United States as part as a switching program for students.If I should have said yes, would my life have been so different from my life now ?A lot in life was about having the wright connections and going along with how society is organized and what your environment wants you to do.If you refused to go in the army, well you had to obtain for civil services and one lost an entire year again once more.Once you start building a home, and have a responsibility for a wife and children, then it is not so obvious of changing work.

Like some older workers who had spent their life in the mine, I thought the good for a growing boy to learn how to work hard, but there is a difference between working and child labor.Yesterday, I was in a village where they held a strawberry market in Newred, under the octagonal tower.The smell of strawberries let my memories to the time when I spent my youth , every stock place stood full with rows and rows of strawberries and other fruit, ready to be charged on two lorries and transported to Malines or Germany.Both my father and his brother in law, the father of the nieces have the same first name.So why was I not born in Congo and why I was not born in the USA like in the ' Bruce Sringsteen'-song ?

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